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My high school experience was different than the ones that you see on television or read about in books. I went to a fine arts magnet school that focused heavily on the arts, as well as obtaining stellar academics. I loved every minute of it, especially the fact that my fellow peers and I were all so different. We all came from different backgrounds, races, socio-economic classes, yet we were all bound together due to the fact that we all had the same passion for the fine arts. 

My “major” or “pathway” that I studied was not a common one within the student population. My focus was costume and fashion design, and I spent the majority of my time during and after school sitting behind a sewing machine, creating pieces that were meant to shine on stage for our latest production or for the fashion shows I would put on throughout the year. 

Since I am missing out on my creative outlet of sewing here at Davidson, I chose to use my talents to make a piece of clothing, a jacket, that represents the humanities class, for this project. I am making one similar to one I created over the summer, but instead of choosing to put elements of myself all over the jacket, I am putting on different elements of our humanities class. While I have detailed plans of what I am going to do, I have not started the actual construction of the jacket due to the fact that I want to complete learning the content of the course before I start. 

From Candide’s garden to the video of a fish swimming in someone’s mouth, this jacket will contain memorable parts of the humanities course this fall, and each element will be placed somewhere where there is a meaning behind it. For example, I want the jacket to be white to represent the white men we continue to read. I want to include elements of religion on the inside of the jacket to represent the fact that the religious tolerance regarding race and that “God loves everyone” is so twisted and backwards. I want to include the phrase “Sapere Aude” to represent each Humster’s dedication to “dare to know,”and dare to discover what this course has in store. One of the main ideas I had was that society would wear this jacket to cover up their “true identity” and represent the ones of others we continue to learn about. 

Instead of a jacket for you to try on now, I only have the plans and inspiration I have been making over the course of the semester. While these are only a few ideas so far, the end product will be something that only a humes student will be able to look at and uncover the codes hidden between the fabric. 

potential idea for jacket
front of jacket I designed earlier this year
back of jacket I designed earlier this year
potential ideas
potential ideas

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