campus commentary semester 1

Tonight, I saw the production “Back the Night” put on by the Davidson College Theatre Department. The show was about a college student, Cassie, who was assaulted at a frat house one night on her way home from studying. She then goes on to post about her experience online, and tries to inspire victims all over the country, especially her best friend Em, who struggled with her own assault experience, to speak out about their experiences as well. At the end of the play, it is revealed that Cassie lied about being assaulted, and that she only claimed she was to bring down the fraternity system at her school, and shed a light on her failing blog about assaults against women on campus. 

I was inspired by the rawness of the show and how each of the actors were willing to take on such heavy roles. However, the ending of the show left me on edge. The fact that Cassie kept elaborating and living through this lie she created upset me. She repeatedly claimed that she was assaulted by one of the fraternity boys and seemed so confident in her lie, it almost made it seem like she longed to be assaulted just so she could start some sort of commotion about it. Women who are assaulted are psychologically damaged for years, and I do not think she understood how this damage may take some women years to accept, or even say out loud.

This is a problem that can be found on all college campuses and out in the real world, and in the past couple of years it has been brought into conversation more than ever, especially with the #metoo movement. This show made me realize that I too, identify as a college aged young woman, and the possibility that even I could get assaulted, even at a great school like Davidson, is very real.