research on Gustav Klimt

In unit 6, our class read Reductionism in Art and Science: Bridging the Two Cultures by Eric R. Kandel. Each student was asked to pick a different piece of art from an artist showcased in the book, research said work and artist, and produce a mini presentation for the class.

I picked the piece, The Tree of Life, Expectation and Fulfillment by Gustav Klimt, a piece full of bright colors which depicts a beautiful golden tree and people with ornamental capes. I was captivated by the beauty of Klimt’s piece, and noticed that the piece contained different art skills that I had not noticed before in a painting, such as engraved metal and the seemingly organized patterned chaos that was on the canvas. I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Gustav Klimt and understanding why his art was so revolutionary and pleasing to the eye.

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